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Kellermeyer Bergensons Services, LLC (KBS) is now offering KBS QuickPay , a benefit that allows hourly employees to access their wages before their regularly-scheduled payday, shortening the time between finishing their shift and getting paid.“It helps them get to work – pay for gas money, things like that.

What is KBS Quickpay?

“KBS QuickPay” is a cash collection service serving as a medium between our corporate merchants and their clients. All funds will be collected by over 500 KBS branches real time but also via KBS online banking. 

Why choose KBS?

Building on a wide range of service offerings, KBS customizes solutions to the scale and specifications our clients require. For over 50 years, we have delivered essential facility services that help customers and employees stay safe.

How many customers does KBS Quickpay have?

Today, as we service more than 30.000 customers and process more than 3.000.000 payments each month, we are still driven by the technical challenges. The QuickPay team is a group of highly skilled and dedicated individuals that thrive on both solving problems and exploring uncharted territories.

How do I use KBS Quickpay?

Using QuickPay is as simple as installing one of our modules into your current system, making integration comfortable and easy with no additional cost. Payment methods. Accept all common payment methods – credit cards, bank transfers, invoices, and more.

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