How to get started with www quickpayportal com ?

1. First login to www quickpayportal com , you need a QuickPay account. This will enable you to connect your webshop with banks, cards and other payment methods. Sort of like a card terminal but for the internet. With this account, you also get a Visa and Mastercard agreement, which already allows you to accept most payment cards and Apple Pay

2. Integrate QuickPay and your webshop Once you’re all set with your new account, you need to integrate QuickPay with your shop system. QuickPay have integrations and step-by-step guides for almost all commonly used shopsystems

You can already accept Visa and Mastercard with your account, but QuickPay also integrates with a lot of local payment methods Other methods include local payment cards, mobile payments, invoices, bank transfers and many more. www QuickPayportal com operates at the highest level of security and is certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. You can feel safe with us and your customers safe with you.

A bad experience can lead to a lost customer, so we work around the clock to ensure stable operations. Redundancy, failover, and tests are not just buzzwords, they are an intrinsic part of our culture.
www quickpayportal com
“We chose www QuickPayportal com as the payment solution because it was easy to get started. QuickPay is stable and able to solve our needs. The most important thing is that our payments just work. Then we do not have to think so much about it on a daily basis. This allows us to focus on what we are good at.”

There is really no substitute for getting your hands dirty. Here you can try out our payment window and see it in action. You can change the options to the right. Visit our technical documentation for more information and full details about the payment window options.

The QuickPay Partner Programme is an unique opportunity for your business. With the Partner Programme you have the possibility to offer QuickPay’s payment gateway to your clients, as was it your own. Serve your customers with a full scale service or offer QuickPay’s payment solution as an add on. QuickPay Partners include hosting companies, marketing agencies, consultants and shop system providers.

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